State of the status update…

“I don’t remember the last time I wrote in here.”

It seems a fair amount of my blog posts begin with that sentence.  Often times I wonder why I stop writing in here.  There’s always something on my mind and writing is one of my strongest abilities.  Then again, there are other times when I start writing in here because I have nothing to do.

My other blog for my temporary time here at Purdue is completely stale. I could probably write in it until my fingers fell off.  However, if I’m not getting any readership whatsoever, it makes the process a little less fun.

Things are going a little weirdly here in Indiana.  I’ve been doing a lot of thinking (always a problem for me :P) and have settled on the fact that I will not be able to afford a full four year service here at Purdue.  If I try to do so I’ll leave here with well over $150,000 in debt.  There are numerous factors besides money that are also leading me to consider dashing out of here with my associate’s degree and numerous pilot ratings and endorsements.

Brady and I have been talking about this to no end.  There isn’t a day that goes by where the subject doesn’t come up, even if only for a few minutes.  He wants to do ATC on the east coast, preferably in the Northeast.  Why?  He loves it back there and he wants me to be near my family.  If there’s a specific part of the U.S. where the vast majority of my family is located, it’s in New England.  Smart boy.  Hehe.

New Hampshire is the state of choice for both of us.  He likes the idea of trying to work for either Manchester Airport or Boston’s Logan Intl.  The possibilities for a job with air traffic control are endless, but the main trick is finding a place that’s actually looking to hire someone.  My reason for liking NH is the fact that it has both mountains AND the ocean, and I have a lot of opportunities myself for either finishing up my schooling or diving right into the aviation world full-time.  All of my connections are back that way and I’m sure I’d have no problem finding a job.

I guess the reason why this idea is coming up is solely based on money (and the limitations of it thereof).  Growing up means making big decisions for yourself, and my biggest one so far was leaving New York behind to come out here.  The next big one might be leaving here and walking down a new road with an inevitable fork in it.  Either way I know I’ve got the support of a ton of people, and that’s what matters the most.

Strange blog posting session aside, I’m going to wrap this up and get back to reading.  Thinking about writing another post sometime later this week on religious tolerance as a result of an experience I had earlier in the week.  Leave it to some people here at Purdue to shove a bible in someone’s face….

Till then,



It’s been awhile…

I’ve been wretched in the way of keeping up with this thing.  I am well aware of that.  It’s not like I’m being pressed to it… I mean, hardly anyone ever reads this thing.  I’m not stuck to a time clock when writing in here.  Luckily.

I made a valiant attempt to write a decent post in here back in August, but it didn’t work out so well.  Saved it in the draft folder and it has been sitting there ever since… no point in publishing it now.  On that note, we’ll forget about the summer completely… it’s not like anything exciting happened.  For the most part.

I’m already eight days into the school year and it seems strange.  I feel like my head is a big swimming pool and I’m doing laps but I can’t get to the edge to take a break for five seconds.  The concept of being a senior just doesn’t sit well with me, I guess.  Ever since the first day I’ve felt downright weird.  Maybe it’s the realization that college isn’t so far away and I haven’t done a damn thing to prepare for it.  Maybe it’s the fact that I still have a chemistry and math b regents to pass in January (hoping against hope).  I think that’s one of the main things that’s bothering me at the moment – the feeling that I still have those two tests hanging over my head.  Math and chem didn’t work out so well for me last year, especially with the regents exams.  I managed to escape both classes with an overall average of 80, but failed the exams.  History and English seem to be my stronger points, unfortunately.

I’m not a very stressed person.  Rarely do I ever bury myself in situations where I feel I’m stuck in the corner with no way out.  However, there are times when I get a bit stressed out… and when I do, it isn’t pretty.  I suppose this isn’t a very good start to my last year in the public schooling system, but there isn’t much I can do about it.  Well, there is, but that’s beside the point.

One would think that being able to type this out would make one feel better.  But in my case it makes me feel even more like an idiot.  Believe it or not, my nose is bleeding now.  I guess I’m building up a bunch of pressure in my head from thinking too much.  That’s just sad.  Now what – I’m turning into Le Chiffre?  Am I going to start bleeding from the eyes?  Great.

Anyway, I think it’s best to publish this and stop thinking for the night.  One nosebleed is good enough for me.

Guess I’ve got a bit of catching up to do…

Hey hey… October isn’t too long… only three months. Haha.

A bit long overdue, I suppose. No worries, this blog hasn’t missed much. Then again, maybe it has.

I know, bullets! That’ll cut the lack of organization down to nearly nil. Perfect idea. Let us commence!

  • Soloed on 11/26/07 in N6463Q… a bit nerve wracking on the first takeoff, but once I got over the fact that no one else was there in the plane and it was just me, I was pretty cool with it. By the third landing I was comfortable enough to go out of the pattern to make time for a Cherokee that was landing on a different runway. Got a lot of pats on the back from the Citation pilots on the ground after that. Heh heh.
  • Got my drivers license on 12/14. Had to take the road test in Grannie’s car (2001 Buick Century… otherwise known as the “grandma car”) the day after a major snowstorm here in upstate New York. Unfortunately Hudson is well-known for their unbelievably narrow roads and bad drivers, and it didn’t help that the car itself happens to be a bit on the wide side. Even though the roads were about 15 feet wide, the guy made me do the three-point nonetheless, and though I asked if getting friendly with the nearest snowbank would cost me anything, he praised me on “quite possibly the best three-point turn performed by someone in these conditions”. License please? Thank you. Heh heh.
  • Christmas came, and Christmas went. Same with the New Year. Nothing at all that was really too exciting… or that I can remember at least.

Guess that’s about it for bullet material. The only interesting things that have been going on lately are random events here and there and the occasional flying lesson.

Though there is one thing that I’ve failed to mention, which is my New Years Resolution (if you can actually call it a “resolution”). Over the Christmas break my pre-AP English class had to do a research project on the poet of our choice. For some reason I had a fascination with Carl Sandburg’s name and his resemblance to Peter Graves when he played Captain Oveur in “Airplane!”, so naturally I chose him. Nope, had no previous knowledge of his work… just picked him because he looked like Peter Graves. Pathetic, I know.

After going to the library and taking out about fifty books on this Sandburg fellow, I realized just how awesome he was. I spent more time reading his partial autobiography than writing the actual report itself, and it was about 15 hours before it was due that I realized I should probably put the book down and write eight pages of words. Trust me… writing an eight page paper on someone you’re actually interested in really isn’t that hard to do. It’s writing an eight page paper on something you don’t give a damn about that really gets you. Or me, at least.

Anyway, I’ve always been a bit of a poet myself, so I was glad that I actually had something in common with Mr. Sandburg. Made things a lot easier as far as the project went. But reading about how he published his poetry inspired me… so I went to the store back in the earlier part of the month and bought a really nice book-like notebook. My resolution is to keep it handy all the time to write whatever poetry might come to mind at the given time and edit it later… then when the “book” is about half full, I’m going to pick and choose the best ones and send them off. Who knows… maybe something will arise from it. That’d be pretty cool.

I was thinking, too, that I might start writing some of them on here… maybe the grand amount of zero people who read this might comment on them and be like “Wow, this sucks” or “Hahah”. Naah, tell you what… I’ll put the link to the “AllPoetry” website over on the side bar to the right. That has pretty much everything in it. Everything that’s somewhat decent, at least. Heh heh.

Anyway, I think I’ve rambled on enough for one post. I have the rest of the day off today because it was midterm/regents week at school, and my exam was at 8 this morning. Early start to the weekend, I guess.