Alright, so it seems the only time I ever write in here is when I am bored or I found something new that’s fun.

This time my downfall is Twitter.  I got one about four months ago but never used it, then my friend signed up and now I can’t get off the stupid thing.

So, in the honor and duty of all that is web publicizing….

Follow me on Twitter, damnit!

Hehehehe.  🙂



I sat at my window and gazed outside
At the snow as it fell
From the heavens.
To the glass stuck a flake
That was not perfect in shape
With a little taken off the top.

I grabbed my camera
Because this was the perfect example of
Winds howling uncontrollably
And this little flake holds on.

Positioned perfectly
I took the picture.
Just then the poor little flake
Melted away.
As if to say,
“My work here is done.”
-Sarah Hanlon


Thought I’d throw another poem on here.  Why not?

The picture is mine, too… came off my Flickr account.  Check it out if you have the chance.


The moonlight wraps itself around
the lonely soul’s heart
at the mind who would rather
lay awake and
than go to sleep and
-Sarah Hanlon


One of the many poems I’ve written, but I’m throwing it up here to see if anyone is going to pay attention to them if I start adding them to the blog. It’s worth a shot, I guess.

So…. whaddaya think?