Demented Stick Cartoon #2



Killing time in the school library….

I’m so proud… it seems like my attempt to advertise my work on here is paying off!  Many new blog hits!

Now all I need is for people to actually buy something.  Heh heh.

I was considering making a whole new blog for the sole purpose of photography, but that might be a bit of a pain.  But I was willing to do it for the Amazon affiliates whim of mine… so why can’t I put the effort into doing one for photography?  Hah… therein lies the question.

Maybe I’ll do it right now… all I’m trying to do at the moment is kill time here in the library because I have nothing better to do nor a better place to be.  Ho-hum.

Right-o… I’ll get to it!

Stay tuned for a link.  And be sure to check it out!

Click the link… or else!!! =D

So the little note yesterday in here didn’t work out so well.  I had an afterthought, though, and figured that it would’ve been more effective if I had put a link to a picture instead of the profile on there… because apparently people are becoming very lazy and their willingness to explore a little bit has diminished drastically.

No worries.  I have a solution.  And because the “insert link” thing isn’t working, everyone gets stuck with the terrible eyesore that is a massively long link —

Sorry, but blame the school computer.  Not my fault it sucks.

Anyway, go visit that site.  It’s my favorite photograph… of mine, anyway.  =D

New photography website….

This post is for the intention of directing anyone who visits to my new photography site, which is here.

It’s a smash, most definitely. If you’re using stumbleupon, visit all the images and give them a thumbs up? This pilot is in desperate need of some flying money. Heh heh.

Strange men at GameStop and Keyboredom.

I set this post up quite awhile ago as a draft… apparently I never got around to writing about what I wanted to a few weeks ago, which was my interesting experience in GameStop. I was standing in line waiting to buy the Platinum Edition of Guild Wars and I was behind two semi-old guys (over 40) who happened to be rambling on about online RPG’s. The guy on the left was about 6’5″, heavyset, and he reminded me of the character in the movies who’s sitting at the computer in the dark with a Mountain Dew  and he’s trying to hack into the Federal Government terminal. The guy on the right was a little bit shorter, but he looked like something that came up from the Underworld – sketchy, long green rain jacket, wild grayish hair… and he reeked of cigarettes and a noticeable lack of proper hygienic care. For some reason he kept bragging about his level 35 paladin… and the fat guy said something about kids being “kleptomaniacs” or whatever. I had a blast of a time laughing to myself… it was amazing how much self control was needed to keep from interjecting into the conversation to say something about my level 43 warrior, just to be a smart ass. Hell, I didn’t even know which game they were talking about… but all RPG’s have a warrior class, so it’d be legit.

Anyway, that’s my GameStop story from a few weeks ago. In other funny news, I was extremely bored today and I decided to take all the keys off my keyboard to clean it.Arrows


Note the “ROFL” and “UP”. Yep, rofl up!

F and J had to be in the same spot… but I had no idea that X found its way home. No idea if I’ll change it… probably not.

Anyway, g’night.


I sat at my window and gazed outside
At the snow as it fell
From the heavens.
To the glass stuck a flake
That was not perfect in shape
With a little taken off the top.

I grabbed my camera
Because this was the perfect example of
Winds howling uncontrollably
And this little flake holds on.

Positioned perfectly
I took the picture.
Just then the poor little flake
Melted away.
As if to say,
“My work here is done.”
-Sarah Hanlon


Thought I’d throw another poem on here.  Why not?

The picture is mine, too… came off my Flickr account.  Check it out if you have the chance.