Likes and Dislikes

Likes – Breezy summer evenings, late night bike rides around town, winter nights when it’s too cold to be cold, thunderstorms, tornadoes, the smell of gasoline, short field take offs, salt & vinegar potato chips, stuff from the 40’s, tailwheel airplanes that are over 60 years old, science, history, youtube, fire, gold, knitting, going flying extremely early in the morning, going flying after school, taking pictures of flowers and sunsets, melted ice cream, the fair, LED lights, fast computers, practicing Zen, weather stuff, turbulence, flying over people’s houses, mowing the lawn, fountain pens, awesome clocks/watches, “Hangar flying”, writing in Greek to piss people off, riding my bike really fast through mud puddles after it rains, driving places, BMW’s, watching the James Bond movie marathon on Thanksgiving night with a glass of wine, drawing stupid cartoons on worksheets during class just so everyone starts laughing, ingenious things, lime sherbet, “fruit on the bottom” yogurt because I never mix it, sitting outside when the stars are out and airplane-spotting, going swimming at the lake, traveling to the city, writing poetry when I have nothing better to do, fixing stuff, making up words, not doing school work over the summer, playing Guitar Hero until my arms cramp up, throwing stuff at people from across the classroom, taking pictures of teachers with my camera and drawing on them, vanilla ice cream drenched in that fudge chocolate shell stuff, Aikido……

Dislikes – Cooking simple stuff, math, numbers, cold rain, slushy snow, sticky stuff, dirty hands, cold food that’s supposed to be hot, dry cake, dirty/scratched reading glasses, long waiting times, taxiing from one end of the runway to the other with a howling quartering tailwind, flat tires, heights, not being in control of the airplane, stuff that isn’t symmetrical, people with no common sense or logic whatsoever, school work over the summer, having to read lame books, sleeping in hot weather, black ink, stuff for right-handed people, decaf coffee, racists, green bananas, bad food…….


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