A Depressing Morning

Today started as a depressingly lazy Sunday. I woke with the feeling that I’m not doing anything with my life (which really can put a damper on one’s mood).

The problem is I don’t see anything that’s wrong with me at the current time. Sure, the lack of a job is pretty disheartening, but it’s not the end of the world. I think my biggest problem is I’m still sad about it being five months since I’ve seen my boyfriend. Long-distance relationships suck.

College is a really big bummer, too. Financial aid gave me the short end of the stick by conveniently losing one of the forms I had to submit back in the fall and never telling me about it. Plus, the only reason why I’m staying in school right now is to defer the loans from Purdue.

Everyone always asks me what I want to do with my life, and the same response I give every single time is that I want to be a flight instructor. Then they proceed to ask what college degree I need in order to achieve that goal. After I’m done laughing, I loudly exclaim “none!” That’s what ticks me off about the whole thing – I’m spending money to save money.

I would love nothing more than to take all the money spent on college tuition and textbooks, and put it toward my IFR rating. Flying used to be my way of leaving the world behind and pretended nothing existed except fuel gauges and landing strips. Now it seems like the world is doing everything it can to keep my feet firmly planted on the ground. And that sucks.



Alright, so it seems the only time I ever write in here is when I am bored or I found something new that’s fun.

This time my downfall is Twitter.  I got one about four months ago but never used it, then my friend signed up and now I can’t get off the stupid thing.

So, in the honor and duty of all that is web publicizing….

Follow me on Twitter, damnit!

Hehehehe.  🙂

Mindless ramblings of someone who doesn’t have anything better to do.

I’m on a friend’s laptop at the moment.  Bumped into her at the grocery store and she said she needed it fixed… and it happened to be in her car.  An old Gateway… don’t see what the problem is with it, but I don’t mind playing around with it.

Plus I’m going down to Gettysburg this coming weekend… so I’ll just pretend it’s broken until after that so I can take it down there with me.  Oh the trickery!

Speaking of Gettysburg, right now I’m multi-tasking like crazy.  I’m switching between conversing with the Director of Admissions at the college and editing photos.  Sounds like fun, no?  It is… no worries.

I’m a bit lost as to what I should be writing about, believe it or not.  I’m pretty much just on here because I find it much easier to type on a laptop than my wireless desktop keyboard.

Maybe I’ll just stop typing now and focus on other things… such as editing pikshurs and putting them up on Picasa.  Something I’ve always wanted to do yet never had the time for.  Haha.

Oh, and by the way… that Letter to the Editor from below ended up being published in the newspaper.  Go me!

Letter to the Editor #3

Dear Editor,

The air of an economic crisis has been looming over the American financial sector for awhile now. It was only this week that three major corporations, Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc., Merrill Lynch, and American International Group (AIG), were under the fiscal gun. The government managed to bailout AIG to the tune of $85 billion before it could collapse and Merrill Lynch agreed to be bought by Bank of America for $50 billion. Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. wasn’t so lucky, however, and filed for bankruptcy protection after the government decided that no financial help would be given to the company.

Congress is now in the process of passing a $700 billion fund which would be aimed at preventing the worst economic catastrophe since the Great Depression. This money would be used to purchase “toxic” mortgages and other debts which are being held by banks in the United States. By doing this, Congress believes that the banks of America will be more inclined to make loans for homes, cars, etc. available once again. It is also believed that once banks resume making home loans, the housing market will stabilize and the U.S. economy will make a sharp recovery from this disaster.

The catch is that this is only a hypothetical solution – there is no guarantee that this will work. As one can see, these figures are nothing to laugh about. The national debt is already nearing $10 trillion. If this congressional plan fails altogether, the nation is in for a serious economic and financial meltdown. This has left many people asking the question, “Where is this money going to come from?” The answer? The American people are still waiting for one.


This is a Government class homework assignment I just managed to pull out of my brain in the last ten minutes.  Not too bad, I’d say.  Really gives the one-two punch.

Why I wouldn’t vote for Hillary Clinton…

I rarely watch television anymore… if I do, its a movie or the weather. I don’t even bother to watch the news anymore. Care to know the reason why? Because every single time I even think about watching MSNBC or CNN, there’s always something about a dope in Hollywood or a dope who’s running for President. I made a comment to my Mum a few days ago while watching CNN that it’s getting pretty difficult to distinguish between the antics of Hollywood and the drama of politics.

It wasn’t until the 3AM commercials that I hit my limit. I was absolutely perplexed at how Hillary Clinton could manage to get away with something like that. The commercial makes no sense whatsoever. What kind of moron would call the White House at 3AM? Why, someone from the other side of the world, of course! Maybe Sarkozy didn’t remember the extensive time difference between the U.S. and France. Maybe Ahmadinejad just wanted to call and see how the weather is in D.C… who knows?

All I know is it’s quite possibly the lamest commercial I’ve seen this year. She should’ve wasted her money on something that made a bit more sense.

To be perfectly honest, I’m glad I can’t vote in this year’s election. Even if I wasn’t only 17, I wouldn’t bother for the simple fact that I feel none of the candidates have the required credentials to hold the honorary title of President of the United States.

That’s my two cents.