Way Too Long

It’s been almost a year since I’ve written a quality post in this blog. Not a lot has happened since 2010, but lately I’ve been looking for a place to write down my thoughts. What better spot than a well-established site like this? ūüôā

For a while I was building a 1939 Waco biplane (from Thanksgiving to Christmas). That came to an abrupt halt when the aircraft owner decided he wanted to do his buddy a favor and hire his son. It’s apparent that as a female, I can conquer the cockpit but not the toolbox. Not yet, anyway.In the midst of all the personal stuff going on, I started attending the local Buddhist temple back in the fall. I figured it was a nice place to be able to escape from mindless crap and take a few deep breaths every week. It is since become a major part of my life and I definitely have no idea what I would do without three hours of solitude every Wednesday evening.

On January 14, I celebrated the third anniversary of my relationship with my boyfriend (second anniversary which we’ve been 800 miles apart). He is still waiting to receive the class date for the FAA Academy. I’m still sitting on my butt waiting for him.

I’m trying to think of other stuff that has happened which would be remotely important enough to write down. Not coming up with anything.

At any rate, I’m hoping I can turn this blog back into something it once was. I have no idea what that is, but dealing with stuff quietly gets pretty old after a while.


And so I throw the sunshine to you….

I have an outrageously amazing amount of work that I should be doing right now… most of it is due on Tuesday and if I don’t start it sometime soon, chances are I won’t be able to finish it. But you know what? That’s what study halls and Spanish class are for. And lunch, too. I suppose.

I also have an amazing urge to crack open one of the Carl Sandburg books on my desk. Like I said, I know I should be doing work… but I just don’t feel like it. Stupid excuse/reason, I know… but that’s how I am.

For some reason I was sitting here at my desk a little while ago and it dawned on me that today was March 22nd. I think I had one of those “senior moments”… you know, the one when you sit and say to yourself, “Wow… the time is really going by, isn’t it?”

How many 17 year-olds do you know that would say something like that? Yeah. Then again, how many 17 year-olds do you know who completely skipped childhood and went straight into adulthood once she started flying airplanes at age 12? Haha, gotcha again! I win… 10 points!

Anyway, it’s true. I swear – if I close my eyes right now and open them in five minutes, it’ll be August. I just wish it’d go by faster. I’d give anything to zip ahead three years… maybe then I’d at least know what I’m going to do with life. Time is a very, very, very cruel little monster.

Such as it is now… I’m looking at the clock and realizing that it’s relatively late, and I’m relatively tired. Mayhaps I should crack open a Sandburg book regardless and fall asleep in my chair reading it. As an author, I couldn’t imagine a more pleasing gesture than to have a person snuggle up with your book in hand, only to fall asleep with it open on their chest.

G’nighty night.

Cully strikes again… so did Wednesday morning.

This time, he’s back with a vengeance.¬† In the form of a U.S. History Critical Book Review.

I still have to finish it.¬† It was due today, and I worked on it aaallllllll last night.¬† His views on the Chicago Race Riots are rather intriguing, but I’m having a hell of a time putting it into a modern book review.¬† That’s alright, Mr. Sandburg, you’re still awesome.¬† Heh heh.

As a result of having a rather rough night last night trying to write the massive report, this morning was terrible.¬† I had my hair cut last evening and it came out wonderful, but when I woke up this morning it looked like I kissed a jet engine.¬† Naturally, I was mad that my hair looked terrible and I took it out on my poor toothbrush and a pine tree.¬† Thus was the start of the usual Wednesday morning routine…

However, homeroom changed that – my teacher had this pile (by pile I mean about four) envelopes that he was all excited about.¬† My friend and I received one, and it was a big letter saying that we qualified for the National Honor Society.¬† I wasn’t surprised that she got one… I was surprised that I got one.¬† Heh heh.¬† For good reason, too… my grades have been pretty wobbly this year.¬† I’ve been acing things I’m terrible at, and botching things I’m wonderful at.

But now I have something to work towards!  An educational goal!

How sweet it is!

Sunday nights… I hate them so.

There’s something about Sunday nights… I just hate them.¬† Not the fact that school follows the next day, just the fact that it’s Sunday night.

For some reason, Sunday night makes me think of all the things in my life that make me depressed and lonely.¬† It’s the one night of the week when I’ll sit here in front of my desk, stare at the computer screen, and get all sappy-like.¬† I don’t know why it has to happen on Sunday night, but it does… and I hate it.

I think it’s the lonely part that gets me.¬† Well, it’s not really being “lonely”… it’s more like missing something.¬†¬† What that “something” might be, I haven’t the faintest of ideas.¬† But whatever it is, I’m missing it.¬† And for some reason, Sunday night seems to remind me about it.

So that’s my rant about Sunday night.¬† Not very exciting, I know… but at least I’m a bit tired now.¬† Heh heh.

Testing ScribeFire Out… among other things.

I just added the “ScribeFire” extension to Firefox… so I’m giving it a shot. I’m liking the fact that I can write in here while still jumping around on websites… makes things amazingly easier, I guess.

It’s basically like having WordPress in the bottom half of the browser. I’m liking what it’s all about!

f you have Firefox and you do a lot of blogging or w/e, then go download the extension and mess around with it for a bit. I’ll bet you twenty bucks you’ll like it. I know I do.
Anyway, the reason why I put a silly picture on the blog yesterday instead of an actual post was because I was in the library with about a thousand people yesterday, and I just didn’t feel like writing about my opinion on gender rolls with the whole damn school wartching over me while I typed. See, we’re reading “Macbeth” in English class (I absolutely love it) and “Merchant of Venice” outside of class (I find that it’s quite possibly the most boring Shakespeare play there is. MoV ultimately lowered my standards of literary boredom. But that’s beside the point.)

We had a massive class discussion about gender rolls in society and how stereotypes went against what Lady Macbeth did in the play right after King Duncan’s murder… i.e. she went down and cleaned up the blood and properly organized (framed) the murder scene because Macbeth was a terrible criminal and so stupid that he ended up bringing the murder weapons back with him. We talked about whether or not stereotypical gender rolls are engraved in our minds while we are growing up, or if we are just born with the gender roll concept in our DNA. I took the side that gender rolls are taught to us as we are growing up because not all cultures are the same. That was pretty much all I said about the subject, and once I did I went back to doodling in my notebook. Heh heh.

Getting back to the point about putting the strange picture post on here, I didn’t want to write all of that on the school computer with everyone as an audience… but I felt obligated to write something simply because I had the “write new” page open already. The mass of empty white space was just screaming “Fill me in! Fill me in!” So I did. There… end of story. ūüėÄ

Anyway, the weather here is downright gross. Tell you what – I’ll do the same thing I did before. I’ll put the weather advisories up, just so you can see! Ain’t I nice? Haha.

Weather Advisories: FLOOD WATCH through late Tonight for eastern NY and western New England, south of the Adirondacks. A second installment of heavy rain will arrive this afternoon and evening, with an additional 1″ to 2″ of rain expected by late tonight. This will likely trigger WIDESPREAD FLOODING across the region. Significant river flooding is possible with smaller streams and creeks likely to flood. Urban poor drainage and flash flooding is also a major concern…expect road closures this weekend in flood prone areas and resulting travel difficulties.
WINTER STORM WARNING through 5am Sunday for northern Herkimer, Hamilton, and northern Warren counties for a combination of significant sleet and freezing rain. While the expected storm track will favor most of the region with rain, enough cold air will linger across the Adirondacks, upper Hudson Valley and the high spots of Vermont, for some mixed wintry precipitation. Areas which received snow, sleet, or freezing rain on Friday will likely see the same today as precipitation builds back in.
A brief period of wrap around snow is also possible in the Adirondacks late tonight into early Sunday morning as the storm pulls away, with scattered snow showers and a rapid drop in temperatures elsewhere. Very slippery conditions are possible late tonight into Sunday morning as wet surfaces freeze over, and then are potentially coated with snow.
Strong winds are likely in the wake of the storm late tonight through the day tomorrow with frequent gusts in excess of 40 mph.

Hahaha… just reading it again makes me want to go to someplace very, very warm and dry.

My birthday went pretty well, if I might add. Lots of cake, lots of nice smelling candles… and my tin whistle arrived Thursday!

Let me tell you something about the tin whistle.

It makes no difference whether you’re –Insert my heritages here– Irish, Scottish, French Canadian, Polish, Native American, or Austrian… if you pick up a tin whistle for the first time with hardly any knowledge with wind instruments, you’re f*cked. It was a very discouraging experience for me to be so excited to take it out of the case for the first time, try to play it, and scare the hell out of the cat and every other living thing within a 50-mile radius.

The rest of the day went on, and I condemned myself to staying in my room so I could figure out the notes (without playing, mind you) and get used to holding it. I’m down here at my grandmother’s as of last night (I drove down) not only to be with her for the weekend, but to hide upstairs so I could play that whistle as loud as I wanted to. And it has paid off. I can play it just fine… I know one song already, and it actually sounds alright. You know, like it should. Yay!

I just realized… I’ve written an awful lot for 10:30 AM on a Saturday. Maybe I should take that tin whistle, go downstairs, and eat breakfast. Heh heh.

3rd period pre-birthday ramblings….

Well, I’m glad to say that my last day of being 16 is going pretty well…¬† I’m wasting my time sitting here in the library during 3rd period study hall (should be doing math homework, but I don’t have the assignment numbers written down, so that’s a little tough to do).¬† I figured, “Why not write in the wordpress thing?”

So here I am.

Anyway, the day’s outlook seemed grim when my iPod died this morning… I thought I charged it on Friday, but because it’s almost 3 years old it doesn’t hold the charge that it used to… and I’m not paying $150 for a new battery.¬† I know they’re fairly cheap, but mine is the discontinued iPod Photo 20gig model… so there.¬† Stupid iPod.

The mood changed, however, when a good friend brought in my early birthday present – six chocolate-covered strawberries from the local chocolate shop.¬† These things are HUGE… and delicious, too!¬† I had one in homeroom.¬† It made a mess and must’ve been quite the feat to watch, but it was well worth it.¬† I’ll probably have another one at lunch, so long as they hold up in my locker.

Tomorrow’s weather is looking like quite the birthday gift:

Tomorrow: A chance of rain early, then possibly mixing with sleet, freezing rain, or snow, with temperatures dropping from north to south throughout the day.
Sunset: 5:49pm

Temps: 40¬į early, then dropping by afternoon

Tomorrow Night: Cloudy skies. Rainy at times, could mix with sleet or freezing rain.

Wind: East 5-15 mph

Low: 32¬į

Damn you, weather.  Damn damn damn you.  Way to make my birthday foggy and rainy.  Jerk.

Soggy weather aside, I’m pretty excited for my gift (even though it won’t get here until ’round Thursday)¬† Here be it… the Tony Dixon¬†Traditional Brass Whistle in D.¬† It’s nice… very very nice.¬† Only around $25, too.¬† Much better than the cheaper whistles, which go for around $6-$10.¬† I hear this one’s reliable, and if it’s reliable then I want it.¬† Heh heh. Now the only trick is going to be learning how to play it.¬† They’re supposed to be relatively easy, but I’m jumping in with a whistle that set the standard for many a player.¬† I’m like that –¬†I¬†never take the easy way.¬† Always have to just jump right in there and see what’s what.¬† Nothing wrong with that, I guess.

Anyway, I’m not sure if I should either try to find the math assignment or just crash around on here some more.¬† I’m thinking that I prefer the latter… mainly because I’m in the typing mood and the library is unusually quiet today.¬† Almost disturbingly quiet, believe it or not.

I supposeI could boast about the “A” I got on an English project that I half-assed the night before it was due… ¬†We had to choose between three ideas for “The Catcher in the Rye” – a soundtrack, a book cover, or a psychology report.¬† Of course I picked soundtrack… my music library of well-over 4,000 songs had to have something that would go along with that weird-ass book.

Anyway, I was up until about one in the morning trying to find five different songs for five different scenes… most of them didn’t even have lyrics and my CD burner was being a moron, so I thought I was screwed in that respect.¬† But I pressed on, wrote decent descriptions of the songs, and voile!¬† I got the grading sheet back and there was a beautiful “A” stamped right on the “Final grade” line.¬† Put a big smile on my face!¬† The only other project that surprised me like that was the report on Carl Sandburg.¬† I guess I should be emphasizing my strengths in English when it comes to colleges… math and science just aren’t my thing, I guess.¬† Heh heh.

Period’s almost over, so I should be getting out of here.¬† I enjoyed the nice little retreat from reality for a period… though I hope I don’t get shot for not having my math.¬† Oh well… I’m sure I understand the stuff just fine.¬† Haha.¬† No, seriously… this is the first time all year that I actually understand what we’re doing.¬† Amazing!!!


I sat at my window and gazed outside
At the snow as it fell
From the heavens.
To the glass stuck a flake
That was not perfect in shape
With a little taken off the top.

I grabbed my camera
Because this was the perfect example of
Winds howling uncontrollably
And this little flake holds on.

Positioned perfectly
I took the picture.
Just then the poor little flake
Melted away.
As if to say,
“My work here is done.”
-Sarah Hanlon


Thought I’d throw another poem on here.¬† Why not?

The picture is mine, too… came off my Flickr account.¬† Check it out if you have the chance.