What a wonderful way to start Monday.

The only thing I can think of to say is… thank goodness prom weekend is over.  It was hellish from start to finish.  I’m not one to make big deals out of any sort of event, but everyone else had one jolly time of doing the work for me.  Prom night itself was pretty nice, but all the work that went into having to get ready for it was just downright exhausting.  It’s Monday morning and I’m still tired.

Enough about prom.

I’m feeling horrible this morning.  Not because it’s Monday and I’m back at school, but because I was driving down the road and a little bird flew out in front of me.  Initially, I thought the airflow from the car had created a pillow that would block it from contact with the car, but I guess the concept didn’t work.  I had to turn around and go back to check if it was alright, which entailed having to turn around about five times to get back to the spot.  I found the little bird on the side of the road with a broken neck (made me feel a little better… fast death), but I still felt like crap.  I picked it up and set it farther back in the grass so it wouldn’t get squashed by someone.

It’s still bothering me.  But I guess there are bigger things to worry about in life… unfortunately.
In completely unrelated news, I was thinking about converting this into some sort of book review blog.  That way I could have an affiliation with Amazon.com and make some money while informing people about books.  For some reason it sounds like quite the exciting idea.  It only works if someone buys the book from Amazon via a link here on the blog… but I think I could pull a guilt trip and make people buy the book to make contributions towards the airplane fund.  I mean, there’s no extra expense for people buying the book… so it’s a plus all the way around!

It might work.  It just might work….  😀


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