Why I wouldn’t vote for Hillary Clinton…

I rarely watch television anymore… if I do, its a movie or the weather. I don’t even bother to watch the news anymore. Care to know the reason why? Because every single time I even think about watching MSNBC or CNN, there’s always something about a dope in Hollywood or a dope who’s running for President. I made a comment to my Mum a few days ago while watching CNN that it’s getting pretty difficult to distinguish between the antics of Hollywood and the drama of politics.

It wasn’t until the 3AM commercials that I hit my limit. I was absolutely perplexed at how Hillary Clinton could manage to get away with something like that. The commercial makes no sense whatsoever. What kind of moron would call the White House at 3AM? Why, someone from the other side of the world, of course! Maybe Sarkozy didn’t remember the extensive time difference between the U.S. and France. Maybe Ahmadinejad just wanted to call and see how the weather is in D.C… who knows?

All I know is it’s quite possibly the lamest commercial I’ve seen this year. She should’ve wasted her money on something that made a bit more sense.

To be perfectly honest, I’m glad I can’t vote in this year’s election. Even if I wasn’t only 17, I wouldn’t bother for the simple fact that I feel none of the candidates have the required credentials to hold the honorary title of President of the United States.

That’s my two cents.


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