And so I throw the sunshine to you….

I have an outrageously amazing amount of work that I should be doing right now… most of it is due on Tuesday and if I don’t start it sometime soon, chances are I won’t be able to finish it. But you know what? That’s what study halls and Spanish class are for. And lunch, too. I suppose.

I also have an amazing urge to crack open one of the Carl Sandburg books on my desk. Like I said, I know I should be doing work… but I just don’t feel like it. Stupid excuse/reason, I know… but that’s how I am.

For some reason I was sitting here at my desk a little while ago and it dawned on me that today was March 22nd. I think I had one of those “senior moments”… you know, the one when you sit and say to yourself, “Wow… the time is really going by, isn’t it?”

How many 17 year-olds do you know that would say something like that? Yeah. Then again, how many 17 year-olds do you know who completely skipped childhood and went straight into adulthood once she started flying airplanes at age 12? Haha, gotcha again! I win… 10 points!

Anyway, it’s true. I swear – if I close my eyes right now and open them in five minutes, it’ll be August. I just wish it’d go by faster. I’d give anything to zip ahead three years… maybe then I’d at least know what I’m going to do with life. Time is a very, very, very cruel little monster.

Such as it is now… I’m looking at the clock and realizing that it’s relatively late, and I’m relatively tired. Mayhaps I should crack open a Sandburg book regardless and fall asleep in my chair reading it. As an author, I couldn’t imagine a more pleasing gesture than to have a person snuggle up with your book in hand, only to fall asleep with it open on their chest.

G’nighty night.


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