3rd period pre-birthday ramblings….

Well, I’m glad to say that my last day of being 16 is going pretty well…  I’m wasting my time sitting here in the library during 3rd period study hall (should be doing math homework, but I don’t have the assignment numbers written down, so that’s a little tough to do).  I figured, “Why not write in the wordpress thing?”

So here I am.

Anyway, the day’s outlook seemed grim when my iPod died this morning… I thought I charged it on Friday, but because it’s almost 3 years old it doesn’t hold the charge that it used to… and I’m not paying $150 for a new battery.  I know they’re fairly cheap, but mine is the discontinued iPod Photo 20gig model… so there.  Stupid iPod.

The mood changed, however, when a good friend brought in my early birthday present – six chocolate-covered strawberries from the local chocolate shop.  These things are HUGE… and delicious, too!  I had one in homeroom.  It made a mess and must’ve been quite the feat to watch, but it was well worth it.  I’ll probably have another one at lunch, so long as they hold up in my locker.

Tomorrow’s weather is looking like quite the birthday gift:

Tomorrow: A chance of rain early, then possibly mixing with sleet, freezing rain, or snow, with temperatures dropping from north to south throughout the day.
Sunset: 5:49pm

Temps: 40° early, then dropping by afternoon

Tomorrow Night: Cloudy skies. Rainy at times, could mix with sleet or freezing rain.

Wind: East 5-15 mph

Low: 32°

Damn you, weather.  Damn damn damn you.  Way to make my birthday foggy and rainy.  Jerk.

Soggy weather aside, I’m pretty excited for my gift (even though it won’t get here until ’round Thursday)  Here be it… the Tony Dixon Traditional Brass Whistle in D.  It’s nice… very very nice.  Only around $25, too.  Much better than the cheaper whistles, which go for around $6-$10.  I hear this one’s reliable, and if it’s reliable then I want it.  Heh heh. Now the only trick is going to be learning how to play it.  They’re supposed to be relatively easy, but I’m jumping in with a whistle that set the standard for many a player.  I’m like that – I never take the easy way.  Always have to just jump right in there and see what’s what.  Nothing wrong with that, I guess.

Anyway, I’m not sure if I should either try to find the math assignment or just crash around on here some more.  I’m thinking that I prefer the latter… mainly because I’m in the typing mood and the library is unusually quiet today.  Almost disturbingly quiet, believe it or not.

I supposeI could boast about the “A” I got on an English project that I half-assed the night before it was due…  We had to choose between three ideas for “The Catcher in the Rye” – a soundtrack, a book cover, or a psychology report.  Of course I picked soundtrack… my music library of well-over 4,000 songs had to have something that would go along with that weird-ass book.

Anyway, I was up until about one in the morning trying to find five different songs for five different scenes… most of them didn’t even have lyrics and my CD burner was being a moron, so I thought I was screwed in that respect.  But I pressed on, wrote decent descriptions of the songs, and voile!  I got the grading sheet back and there was a beautiful “A” stamped right on the “Final grade” line.  Put a big smile on my face!  The only other project that surprised me like that was the report on Carl Sandburg.  I guess I should be emphasizing my strengths in English when it comes to colleges… math and science just aren’t my thing, I guess.  Heh heh.

Period’s almost over, so I should be getting out of here.  I enjoyed the nice little retreat from reality for a period… though I hope I don’t get shot for not having my math.  Oh well… I’m sure I understand the stuff just fine.  Haha.  No, seriously… this is the first time all year that I actually understand what we’re doing.  Amazing!!!


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