Old Cully finally shows up…

Two of the books I ordered last week finally arrived within the past two days. I was getting pretty nervous seeing as I hadn’t heard anything from amazon.com or the sellers… worried maybe something got mixed up or they were away on vacation… silly stuff that doesn’t make sense to worry about but I go ahead and worry about it anyway.

The above picture of the book that arrived yesterday was provided by someone on eBay… I’m too lazy to upload my own, though I will for the second book I’m going to mention. I wouldn’t take credit for the above picture, anyway, because my dust jacket is in far better condition and I got it for about a third of the price. But that’s beside the point.

I’ve had my head buried in this book since it arrived last afternoon, though I’m only on p. 73… or around there. If you’re reading this and you have the chance to do a google search, type up the title and look for a summary of the book. Or rather, just go here. If you know anything about Carl Sandburg and/or have a soft spot for sappy books, then I’ll bet you ten dollars you’d love this one. I myself and a die-hard fan of old Cully (Carl’s nickname when he was a kid), and the four books that I bought are all by him. This one, though, is a first edition from 1987… and good luck finding the image of the cover anywhere on the ‘net… apparently it’s an extremely rare edition. Might be the reason why the only place I’ve been able to find it is on eBay or old antiqued book stores. However, I wasn’t expecting this dust jacket for this edition when I ordered it on Amazon… though after all the times I’ve ordered stuff on Amazon and had it look nothing like what it did on the site, you’d think I’d be getting used to it by now. But Amazon stuff aside, do check out the book. Look for it at your local library… buy it extremely cheap on Amazon… do what you may. Just make sure you find this book and read it. No, I don’t know who you are nor what your book preferences are (or if you even read books at all… though you are on here reading this, so that must indicate something). But please, go find this book. Read it with a box of tissues planted on your lap, because I promise you you’ll need them.

As for the second book that came – the one which arrived today – it’s the Complete Poems of Carl Sandburg by… guess who? Indeed, Carl Sandburg. Now, if you’ve managed to survive reading through this silly thing for this long, you must have some interest in what I have to say. Bless your heart, and I hope there are more of you out there in the world than what it seems. You have to understand that I am a sucker for old stuff, especially if it’s in pristine condition. To prove that, I’ll back up my claim with proof – every single Sandburg book that I ordered from Amazon is a first edition. Want more proof? One of them is his book from 1919, titled “The Chicago Race Riots, July 1919“. You guessed it – it’s the first edition! I can hardly wait for it to come in the mail, though I’m a little sketched out as to the condition that the dust jacket is going to be in. The one that arrived today (the complete poems) gave me a bit of a shock when I opened it because the dust jacket has some issues… but a few minutes with clear tape and a steady hand took care of the problem. I put the pictures on here… just took them about five seconds ago. As you can see, not bad. I’d say for being the original cover (paper cover, mind you) on a book from 1950 and having just a few tears here and there, it’s in pretty damn good condition. Heh heh. I don’t mind if it’s a wee bit slack in the appearance department… it’s so big and bulky that I doubt I’ll be lugging it around anywhere. Hence, I think it’ll find a nice comfy place in my room… somewhere I can have it in close reach.

Anyway, I should get back to reading. I’m not kidding about going out and finding “The Poet and the Dream Girl” – you’ll be doing yourself a major favor. Or do yourself and even bigger favor and find some of old Cully’s poems to read here.

“Love is a door we shall open together.”
So they told each other under the moon
One evening when the smell of leaf mould
And the beginnings of roses and potatoes
Came on a wind. Late in the hours of the evening
They looked long at the moon and called it
A silver button, a copper coin, a bronze wafer,
A plaque of gold, a vanished diadem,
A brass hat dripping from deep waters.

“People like us,
us two,
We own the moon.”


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