An interesting Sunday afternoon…

I’m glad to say that I spent the majority of this Sunday afternoon either interrogating the American University website or trying to find a separate place to host this here WordPress blog.  The first endeavor was pretty exciting.  The second, however, was a pain in the ass.

See, the reason why I was searching for someplace to host separately was because I couldn’t figure out for the life of me why this stupid thing wouldn’t show up in google, yahoo, or any other search engine.  I went through numerous processes: getting one of those “.tk” things, only to find that it’s a complete waste of time because it serves absolutely no purpose whatsoever, setting up a web hosting account with “” (which might be useful to someone who has about five million hours to spare at the computer just to figure out how to use the thing… rendering it useless to me), and finally resorting to Blogger.

Don’t get me wrong – Blogger looks like an awesome tool.  I, however, am a dedicated WordPress junkie.  I wasn’t too hip on the thought of having a Blogger blog (I’d mainly use it just for stuff that I actually wanted people to read).  I figured “Hey, if Blogger is hosted by google, then maybe it’ll show up in the search results!”.  That’s how my mind works.

Anyway, I was going through the ropes of setting up a Blogger blog.  Naturally, the first thing I ever do when setting anything up is visit the “Settings” area.  I’m a very customizable person… I thrive on customizability.

Yes, I know it’s not a word.  Well, at least it wasn’t a word… mine now!

So there I was, nose-piloting through the settings… when I came upon a privacy option.  One that asked me whether or not I’d like the blog to show up on search engines.  Once again my mind thought “Hey, if Blogger has an option like this, then maybe WordPress has this option, too!”.  Yep, my very own thought version of the Theory of Relativity.  Heh heh.

Next thing I know I’m on the settings for this here blog, and who would’ve guessed… the option to have the blog show up in search results wasn’t ticked.  What the hell??  Thanks, WordPress… because you auto-ticked the “Disable search engine stuff thingies”, I’ve been talking to myself for pretty much EVER.

Moral of the story – I’m still here.  Problem solved.

And now we wait.  Heh heh.


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