Yesterdays flying and still finagling ways to get the MacBook Pro…..

Couldn’t have asked for a nicer day for flying yesterday.  Got to the airport around 1, went through some ground school for about ten minutes, fueled up the airplane, and got off the ground around 2.  On the way from this airport to that airport, I managed to fly over my house.  First thing I said to Cliff while doing so was “I’ll be you ten bucks I’ll get home and say ‘Hey Mom, did you see me fly over?’ and her answer will be ‘You flew over?'”

Such was not the case, however.  I flew over town and a friend later told me on Facebook that she saw me fly over her house.  Always makes me feel good when someone says “Haha, I saw you in the air!”.  Heh heh.

Once we got down to the other airport, we landed and did slow and fast taxis up and down the runway so I could get used to “driving” the airplane on the ground.  After about a half hour doing that we went back up in the air and shot some landings.  I guess I did pretty well (not to my standards) for not having flown a tailwheel in a couple years.  I’ll get used to the airplane in due time, I promise.

Once we got back it wasn’t five seconds after we were on the ground when a Challenger flew in on the crosswind runway.  A gorgeous jet… I’d kill to fly one any day of the week.  Whoever came up with the quote “Jet noise; the sound of freedom” should get a big pat on the back.

So I’d say yesterday was a decently good day for flying.  I’ll say one thing; flying the Clipper can easily humble a pilot who thinks they’re experienced with tailwheel airplanes.  Trust me, I know.  Heh heh.

As far as the progress with the MacBook Pro goes, I’m going to see if I can work something out with my grandmother as far as a credit card/monthly payment thing goes.  Mom doesn’t want it on any of her cards, and I don’t blame her.  Granny will throw a fit yelling “What, does everyone in this family think that they can just take my money?”  In which case I would deliver one of my famous snaps and say “Well, one difference here – at least I’m paying you back.”  Hah hah hah.  No money loss on anyones part except mine.  Surprise surprise.  😀

Until later…


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