Beating up the Board of Education, a lovely reunion four years overdue, and… does anyone want to buy a wool sweater???

Nothing like a beautiful fall Saturday to get one out of bed at 8 in the morning. Heh heh. It’s unusually gorgeous outside, with hardly any wind whatsoever. Though it is supposed to kick up towards the latter part of the day.

School is off to a good start… homework like crazy (same for projects, too), but I can’t blame the teachers; three college classes in high school isn’t meant for the faint of heart. Heh heh.

Thankfully I’m back in to my old routine of flying on the weekends. Went flying on 9/1 in a Cessna 152 to knock some of the rust off since I last went up in June, and I was glad to know that I can still fly. Then I flew over to Northampton on 9/22 to manage the ground operations (telling people what to do and filling out paperwork) for a Young Eagles rally. I flew the whole way, to and from, with Cliff just sitting there hanging out. Couldn’t have asked for better weather or more cooperative kids. Yes, all thirty of them. Thirty kids and three airplanes made for a six hour day. But it was fun.

I’m supposed to go flying around 1 today… but that’s only if the wind behaves. Funny thing is I’m now taking lessons in the very first airplane that I ever ever ever flew four years ago. It’s strange how some things seem to happen, in a sense it’s like the “History repeats itself” quote. Regardless, flying the Clipper is like seeing an old friend after four years of being apart. Thankfully we still get along with each other. Heh heh.

As far as affairs on the ground go, I’m now extremely active in the inner workings of my school district. It all started a few weeks ago when a friend sent an email to me that was directed mostly towards Mom (due to her real estate expertise) regarding a new $49 million dollar improvement project that the district wants to pass. He was worried only because apparently school taxes would shoot through the roof. As a result, Mom and I went to a few board meetings and gathered some information. I, too, have become somewhat involved as far as throwing my two cents in… and I’m now on the Green Committee (to make sure that whatever improvements they do follow through with are energy efficient) and the Strategic Planning Committee, which consists of about twenty faculty members, numerous Board of Education members, and a ton of community members/parents. The SPC doesn’t really deal with the improvement plan people (dubbed the Long Range Facility Planning Committee), it’s more like how to improve the school from the inside… being programs, curriculum, safety, etc. Both committees are very interesting, and there’s talk that I might even end up as a non-voting member of the Board of Education. I’m hoping against hope that it can happen…. we’ll see.

Plus as a result of my sudden interest in BOE politics, it was suggested to me that I look into Political Science and/or International Relations as a college major. Both seem relatively interesting…. we’ll see, when the time comes. Heh heh.

To slip in as a side note, I decided against buying the Dell that I had my heart set on. However, I was with Chris in the library the other day working on a US History powerpoint and he had his new MacBook Pro. Probably the most beautifully engineered piece of machinery I’ve seen since the Mooney Ovation. I’m going to do all I can to figure out how to do monthly payments on it… meaning I’m most likely going to have to start knitting/selling wool sweaters like mad. But my Dell is starting to poop out on me… 512 mb of ram isn’t fast enough anymore, I have about 2 free gigs on my 80 gig HD, and the HD itself keeps reverting back to PIO mode (über slowness). So buying two 1 gig chips and a new internal hard drive would run me about $400. By the time Christmas comes around it’ll be celebrating its 4th birthday. I’m thinking the $53 a month vs. $400 up front is a bit more appealing. Besides, I love the Mac interface. It’s a lot nicer than Windows… hopefully I can sell tons of sweaters, because this thing is worth every cent.

As for now, it’s time to get ready before flying. I still have a couple hours, but there’s still some stuff to get out of the way.


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