Nothing really new… just felt like writing.

Well, at least I can say it hasn’t been eons since I’ve updated… less than a week, actually. Not too bad.

At any rate, nothing has really changed as far as stuff goes. Still going flying Saturday… and stuff like that. Woo hoo! It’s about time.

Ah, and I’m putting one of my famous wool sweaters in the county fair this year. Actually, I have to walk over and deliver it tomorrow sometime between 3 and 8.  Hell, I don’t even know where the damn wool booth is.  This should be fun…

If you go over to the “Photos” category, you can probably find a picture of it…. the red one. Heh heh. The crappy part is that I have to be in the youth category, so it’s probably going to be an easy win. Unless someone managed to knit or crochet a live sheep. Then I might have some competition. Until then, I think I’m pretty safe. It’s a damn nice sweater. Hell, maybe I can find someone who’ll pay $200 for it. THAT would be nice.

Ho-hum… what else. Ah, I managed to re-rate all of the Somerset Airport petition pages on StumbleUpon… so I might get some more signatures. That would be helpful. Nothing so far, of course…. but we’ll just have to wait and see.

I doubt I’ll write in here before the fair starts Wednesday, but who knows.

At any rate, I probably should get back to setting The Scarlet Letter on fire. I’m never going to finish that book in time… maybe I should just try to get the essays done now. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.


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