One cool butterfly, scorching heat, and a hot Alienware laptop (or three).

Well, it was 90º of hot today. We had the top down on the BMW and that didn’t even help. No matter, though… it’s much cooler now. But tomorrow’s supposed to be a bitch; 95º. Screw that… I’ll just go jump in the stream. Hah!

Anyway, facebook finally straightened out enough for me to get the pictures of the monarch up. Even though it’s a day late, better late than never. Besides, they’re pretty awesome pictures, so they’re worth their “wait” in gold. Heh heh.

Yep… that’s my hand. I thought it’d be kind of cool to hold one of the zinnias while the butterfly sucked the nectar and whatnot out of it. The only reason why I held it over the lawn was because it wouldn’t look like I was actually holding the flower if I didn’t. Ahh, the power of creativity. Hah.


Anyway, lately I’ve been obsessed with the idea of buying an Alienware laptop that will last me not only my next two years in high school, but also my future four years in college. So far I’ve pretty much set my mind on the Area-51 m5550 with the following customizations:

  • 256MB NVidia® GeForce™ Go 7600
  • 15.4″ WideXGA 1280 x 800 LCD – Saucer Silver
  • Intel® Core™ 2 Duo Processor T7200 2.0GHz 4MB Cache 667MHz FSB
  • 2GB Dual Channel DDR2 SO-DIMM at 667MHz – 2 x 1024MB
  • Alienware® Intel® 945PM + ICH7 Chipset (motherboard)
  • Genuine Windows Vista™ Home Basic (I may go with XP Pro… still not sure)
  • 100GB Serial ATA 1.5Gb/s 7,200 RPM w/ NCQ & 8MB Cache
  • 24x DVD-ROM/CD-RW Burner
  • Intel® 7.1 High-Definition Audio
  • Internal Intel® PRO Wireless 3945 a/b/g Mini-Card
  • Belkin® AC Anywhere 300W Vehicle Outlet Adapter

That’s pretty much it! Ah… I’ll bet anything you’re wondering what the price of all that is.

$1818.72 – Including shipping and whatever.

Sure as hell beats the XPS m1710, which is about a grand more if you customize it with the same options as this little pistol. Granted, the only thing I don’t like about the m5550 is the fact that it’s a 15″ screen. But you know what? I think I’ll live. Besides, the only thing I liked about the XPS was the fact that the color was called “Tuxedo Black”. Hah hah, I’ll never change.

I was trying to talk Mom into doing that Alienware Titanium Account thing so I could pull off monthly payments. If she doesn’t agree to that or we can’t work it out, then I’ll just end up paying through the nose with cash for the m5550. However, if we can work it out, then I might just consider going after this monster instead. That would turn out to be around $2800 by the time I was done. And the monthly payments would only be around $80. But that’s ONLY if we could do the monthly payments. Plus the m5550 would run around $55 a month, and for $25 more, I think the m9790 is a hell of a better deal. I have to admit, it is a shit-hot notebook. And like I said before… I’m not just thinking of now, I’m considering the next six years, also. Heh heh.

Like I mentioned in the specs, I’m still sketchy about using Vista. I know, I’m an XP junkie. But the thought of a whole new OS just doesn’t trip my trigger at the moment. Yes, XP will be out of date in the next couple of years. I’m aware of that. It’s just that I have never seen Vista face-to-face, so it’s like fighting an opponent without knowing their tactics. I’d rather be safe and stick with something I’m familiar with.

The same also goes regarding the Intel Core 2 Duo that both of these sweethearts have in their arsenal. The other laptop that I’m looking at from Alienware equips the AMD Turion 64, which is something that I’m not familiar with at all. I’ve heard aggressive statements from each regarding the other, and once again my experience sides with Intel. A dear friend of mine who is quite the expert in computers swears up and down against the Turion, but from what I’ve read, people haven’t had that much to complain about when it comes to games and whatnot. Even thought the C2D is a bit more expensive, I think I’ll stick with it. If anyone has any objections, let me know.

Anyway, I’m probably going to kick back and play some PS2. It’s still really hot up here, even though it’s 8:30 at night. Oh well, that’s August for you. I suppose….


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