Any more time between posts and they’ll think I’m writing every DECADE!!!

I never knew how much I could miss doing something. You know, like writing in this blog. Hah hah.

Anyway… here it is; then end of July already. When was the last time I wrote in here? Ah, that’s right… March. Wow. That’s somewhat sad. I mean, I check the stats every day to see if there are any new visitors. What the hell am I expecting if I haven’t written anything since March?! Sometimes I make no sense.

Let’s see. Nothing exceptionally notable has happened except the end of school. All grades turned out well in the fourth quarter for the most part (other than geometry… which garnished a lovely 68 on the paper). No matter, though… sophomore year is finally down the drain. What a fricking relief.

Though I’m pretty prepared for junior year… already went out and bought oodles of books on chemistry, algebra II, trig, Spanish… U.S. history… and AP U.S. history stuff. Even a huge book on the SAT. Money well spent. I hope.

Summer’s going pretty well, though I haven’t been flying since the middle of June. Therefore, I haven’t soloed yet. No big deal… I’m not really in a rush. Seems pretty obvious, I guess. Nothing extraordinary has happened to speak of, except for a few things that really aren’t worth mentioning.  So I guess I won’t bother mentioning it.

Moving on…

That pretty much covers it as far as catching up goes.  Trust me… I could go on for days, but it’s a bit easier to just shut up and write about the quick stuff.  Heh heh.

Until then, later.

Ah, by the way… 453 signatures on the Somerset petition!  Woo hoo!


One comment on “Any more time between posts and they’ll think I’m writing every DECADE!!!

  1. asteraceae says:

    you’ve been officially blogrolled on my blog, rawrrrr.

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