It’s been a long, long time.

Here we are tottering on the last day of March and I haven’t bothered to write in this thing for over a month.

Let’s get the important stuff out of the way, then… shall we?

I haven’t soloed yet. Perhaps that’s my biggest sin of the moment right now. But it has been almost a month since the last time I flew the Allegro, or at all for that matter. I simply came to the conclusion that I just wasn’t ready to fly it yet. And, I figured that I’ve waited four years to solo; a little while longer isn’t going to kill me. Especially if I don’t have confidence in my ability to fly the damn thing. Heh heh. However, I did go down and get my driver’s permit the day after my birthday, and got a 100 on the test. And, I might say I’m a decent driver. But we don’t even have the BMW out of hibernation yet. Gah.

As for other things, I’m trying to think of stuff that has happened since the last time I wrote in here. Ah, we’re all moved in as far as the house goes. Things have been going really smooth with that, and it’s awesome. I just finished cleaning up my room a bit. I also noticed that it’s far more rewarding to clean a large room with stuff cluttered on the floor rather than a small room because a clean floor makes the room seem even bigger than it already is.

Hmm… what else…

Wow. That’s all I can think about. Surprise…

On that note, I think I’m going to go find something to do outside. If I think about anything else that happened, I’ll be sure to fill in the details later.


One comment on “It’s been a long, long time.

  1. asteraceae says:

    Hehe, yeah I wanted to have a place to sort of archive various thoughts and anything I come across that I find to be interesting, it’s working out so far.

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