V-Days and Snow Days…

Heh heh… guess what today is—-

Snow day!!!!!

Ehh, and that Valentine’s Day thing, too… but most importantly,

Snow Day!!!!

Tee hee.

So I’m sitting here at meh computer, looking out the window at the pretty snow (all 8 inches of it). I’ve been awake since 2 this morning because I fell asleep at 7 due to lack of feeling well. Nice thing is that I’m wide awake. Heh heh. And there’s no school! Hell, we’re probably going to have a delay tomorrow, too. I sure hope so.

Anyway, I went flying after school Monday with Doug… did 7 landings in the Allegro with some nasty gusts (though they were right down 03). I couldn’t believe it was only the second time that I’ve flown the darn thing… it felt like I’ve been flying it for ages. Even with the wind. Which was nice.

Plus Doug was explaining to me on the drive down how he and Tom are planning on searching high and low for scholarships at the Women in Aviation Conference in Florida this week. He also explained that I already have the credentials for winning a major scholarship (i.e. the 8th grade science fair project) and that if I couldn’t win one, then no one can. Hah.

DSC00938 (Medium)

Anyway, there’s a picture of what it looks like outside my window right now, as of 1 pm. Yeah. It’s a bit snowy outside. Heh heh. Therefore, I think I’m going to go find something else to do. Maybe just sit here and stare out the window. That’s always fun. Hehe.


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