“Uhh… I think the house might be on fire or something.”

Okay… today was rather hectic.  I’m putting my email to Tom on here so I don’t have to retype, and I got an 81 on my Math A regents.  Go me.


How on earth can you have any room left in that instrument panel for any more fancy gadgets?!  It’s like the NASA control center in there!  But… it looks cool.  Heh heh.

I don’t know if you watch News 10, but I have a story for you.  I was knitting a scarf last night around 12:30 am… listening to my iPod and such… when there was a terrible boom and the whole house shook.  Of course, I have the volume up insanely high, so I couldn’t really hear anything.  I just stood up really fast and thought that maybe the furnace blew up or something.  Ahh right, we don’t use it anymore.

So then I came to the conclusion that something fell somewhere, and went back to knitting.  Then the fire siren went off.  I put two and two together and figured that this wasn’t too good.  I went to wake Mom when I saw a cop car… but she wouldn’t get up.  Then I peeked out the window and saw the glimmer of flames, and said “Uhh… I think the house might be on fire or something.”  Right.

As soon as I went downstairs to look out, I saw what looked to be like the engine of a tractor.  Realizing it was almost 1 am and my brain wasn’t functioning, I shook my head, stopped… and let out a nice yell, because it was the underside of a Jeep that was staring at me.  I ran back upstairs and told Mom, who proceeded to freak.  I got the genius idea to put some clothes on and a big jacket and went outside.  Apparently the car had clipped the front railing (it used to be an old post office, so there’s a cement porch with the wheelchair ramp and all that) and smashed up against the cement at a high rate of speed and came to rest sideways, drivers side down.  There was glass strewn everywhere, and the sunroof was resting against my bike (the firemen put it there).

The ugly part was that because the Jeep had hit the corner of the cement, the whole drivers side door was smashed in at least 3 feet, pretty much trapping the guy inside.  It took them almost two hours to get him out, and I stood outside with the neighbors for the whole duration.  But the really, really frightening part was when they were trying to take the roof off the car and I saw blood spatter.  I wasn’t freaked out, it’s just that something clicked in my mind that said “Hey… that guy could be dead… and that’s real blood.”

There was nothing left to the car when the firemen were done with the Jaws, and we heard that the guy may have been paralyzed.  I remember when they were trying to get him free and we couldn’t tell whether or not he was alive… but he let out this blood-curdling scream, and I was never happier because it was a sign of life.  It was almost 4 am when I got back inside… and I didn’t go to school today because I couldn’t sleep.  The eerie thing is I’ve always had random dreams about trains derailing and cars blowing up next to the house… but it didn’t.  Amazingly.

Ahh, so there you have it!  An eyewitness account.  And if that wasn’t excitement enough, we had the closing for the house in Canaan at noon!  The damage is pretty insane out front still, and the one porch beam is split in half and crooked.  So if you see anything on the news, that’s me.  Heh heh.




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