The chilly, windy, scary, and downright crazy city.

Yeah… I’m not really in the mood to write tonight, either… but that’s okay… I’ll go ahead and do it anyway. But I need something to drink first.

Ahh… that’s better. Nothing beats a nice cold glass of water in a beautiful Conan mug. That’s right… a Conan mug! The one and only! Heh heh. Not only did I buy one of them, I bought two! Yes, that’s correct, two. One to put stuff in on my desk and one to drink from. I love Conan. He’s my hero.

Do pardon my blue nail polish… it’s a bit… not me. But it had to do, because it was the only color that was right near me and I couldn’t find my red. But yeah. I love my Conan mug. It makes me happy.

Anyway, I suppose I’m supposed to enclose (in full detail) everything about the city trip, right? Hah. Well, I’ll let pictures do the talking. How’s that sound. Or rather, numbers. They’re always fun.

*Got on the bus at 9:30ish and left school. My iPod died (I thought I charged it the night before), so I punched it really hard, cut my knuckle, and borrowed Leanne’s iPod for the whole ride down.
*Got down to the city and saw a really funny sign when we came out of the Lincoln Tunnel…
*Dropped off in front of some garden thing… immediately departed the rest of the 60 people and went to a Hello Kitty store with our group of four and a chaperone.
*As we were walking down 40-somethingth Street, I was randomly approached by some drunk tall guy who looked like Billy Madison with the penguins and he said “Do you know who I am?!” in some fecking retarded drunk voice. No, sir… I don’t know who you are. But you’re going to know who I am in about five seconds.
*Ate some pizza at a really cool place… I think it was called “A Slice of New York” or something like that. I don’t remember. All I know is I got a slice of pepperoni and olive… and wow. Yummy yummy.
*Drank much coffee at Starbucks. Erin and I got a cafe Mocha… and holy canoli that was good. Get it the next time you go to Starbucks. It rocks.
*Strolled over to Madison Square Garden to worship the Rangers. I love them. Really, I do. We all do. There’s really nothing I can say, except that it was like a shrine in there. Honestly. The silence was stunning. I loved it. Go Rangers!!! The picture isn’t that great… but oh well. I love you Lundqvist! And Shanny! And Kasparaitis. Yeahy!
*Went to the other side of Times Square and found the Museum of Modern Art. Too bad they were closed. Tuesdays?! Hah. We had fun in the giftshop, however… and I saw some cute guy in Converse. Hmm….
*I can’t remember if we went from MoMA to NBC or Sephora. Anyway, we found Sephora and I bought a $20 tin of lip gloss. Ain’t that swell? I also found a really awesome DKNY perfume and I’m buying it online. Something like… “Be Delicious”. I don’t know. But it smells really good and I’m buying it. Period.
*Raided NBC Studios for Conan. Couldn’t find him. So I went and bought the two mugs. I kept creeping around the corners going “Conan….. Coonaaan…. where are you?” Yeah. The others went and bought a 1lb bag of M&Ms. Yummy.
*Then we proceeded to stroll the streets and stop off at TGIFridays for dinner. I had the Jack Daniels steak, and it was delicious. Yummy dum dum. Heh heh. Really though. And their salads are awesome.

After all that, we went to see “Wicked” at 7. It was okay, though I slept through the first half. The second half was really cool though and I liked it. Heh heh.

And that’s pretty much it. I’m spent as far as writing goes, so I’ll probably just hold off writing about today until tomorrow. Maybe there won’t be anything to write about. Hm… ponder ponder ponder…

‘Nighty night.


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