No time to type, really.

I just finished writing a short story for English that was due today, and I didn’t even know that the stupid assignment was given.  Gay.

But I finished it.  Which is pretty much all that matters.  At least for English class.

And I still have a whole book bag full of homework that I didn’t do.  What time is it?  11 pm.  What am I not doing?  My homework.

I have a bio midterm coming up Friday, and it’s nothing.  Next week is regents week, and I’m scared to death of the Math A (geometry and part algebra).  Our math teacher is a retard, and I won’t be surprised if I get past this test by the skin of my teeth.  Seriously.

I put an email in to my cousin about the aircraft insurance… hopefully he’ll get back to me soon.  I haven’t a bloody clue what to look for… heh heh.

Oh, right… the city trip.  I’ll write about that another time… I’m way too tired and not in the mood to reminisce right now.  Tomorrow.  I promise.

On that note, I’m going to sleep.  Much, much needed sleep.


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