NOW winter decides to show up at the party?!

Hrmph.  Just when I need an ice storm – two days before the NYC band trip.  Go freakin’ figure.

But yeah… we’re planning on seeing “Wicked” Tuesday.  I guess we’re leaving school at 9 (10 of there’s a two-hour delay)… which is weird because we’re usually out of there at 5/6 in the morning.  Guess he doesn’t want us messing around in the city like we usually do.  Hrmph.

Anyway, I’ve been out on the prowl for aircraft renters insurance.  My flight instructor said that it’s part of the deal that he struck with his insurance company so that he can allow people to solo the Allegro.  Ho-hum… that’s all fine and dandy, except for the fact that I can’t find a damn agency that will cover someone who is 16.  Not that I am yet, but I’ll make it effective on 12:01 of March 4th… then I will be.  Heh heh.

But unless I find someone fast, I won’t be able to solo.  Now won’t that suck….

Like it’s going to happen.  I think not!

Anyway, I have a cousin who works for AIG, and he’s said a hundred times over that if I ever need anything insurance-wise, he’s the first to go to.  Jeeze, it sounds like I have mafia ties or something.  Heh heh.

On a more intellectual note, I finished Tom’s book earlier this afternoon.  Who would think that I would read a 200-page book in three days?!  Amazing!  Heh heh.  That’s the thing – I’m my old self again.  Ever since I went flying, I now remember what I used to be like.  And man, does it feel good to be back!

On a lower note, it seems like Mom might have to miss the cruise.  See, my flight instructor (who has a schedule that’s busier than the busiest… person) set aside President’s Week and the rest of February into March for me so we can put the foot down on my training before I solo.  And, it just so happens that it’s the week when we always go on our cruise.  Mom was entertaining the notion of asking Tom to put up with me for a week, but I think she’s decied against it and is going to ditch the cruise this year.  I don’t see why they don’t just wait until Easter vacation to go on a cruise… it’s always so nice that week and we never do anything.  Ahh, right… that would make sense.

I think I’m going to go downstairs and find something productive to do.  I’m down at my grandmothers, and I damn near killed myself trying to get this stupid computer fixed because the internet croaked out on my a few weeks ago.  Luckly I can withstand a 400-volt shock unexpectedly.  Woot.

On that note, toodallo.


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