A Homesick Angel no more…

Today was more than worth ditching school! Here… instead of me re-writing everything, I’m going to put the email to Tom that I wrote a little while ago on here… it’s detailed. Heh heh.

Thanks again for the book… I can’t seem to put it down! I’m up to page 50-something, and it’s taken me an hour to go from my inbox to your message, then to “reply”, and now writing. Heh heh.

The flight went pretty well today… though I must say the bicycle gears for the trim/choke sort of threw me for a loop, as did the bicycle handbrake mechanism. Those Czech mechanics are pretty creative… and I felt like I had somewhat of a sense of what a person looking at an early Wright aircraft thought… “You put BICYCLE parts on an airplane?!” Heh heh.

The Allegro does fly well, though. I had some trouble with the rudder coordination, as I’m used to the Super Cruiser, which requires you to have leg strength equivalent to that of Lance Armstrong… (everyone asks me if I’m athletic because of my legs, and I always tell them it’s from flying a taildragger. They never believe me).

We also did a few stalls, all of which turned out interesting. The very first power-off one went well, though you couldn’t really even call it a stall. More like a “quit while you’re ahead” maneuver. At the slightest bump, I threw the nose down and hit the power. Doug goes “That wasn’t even a stall!” Well, just goes to show that my stall reflexes are honed, eh? Heh heh.

The power-on stall was a different story. Let’s just say, I don’t plan on any aerobatic training any time soon… it took forever for that bloody airplane to stall. To the point where we were damn near vertical to the ground going backwards. I was insanely close to just putting the nose down and saying “Ehh… doesn’t want to stall. Might as well not force it…” But once we did stall, the recovery was smooth. Phew.

We shot 4 landings, all of which went pretty well (after all, I’m still here writing to you). The pitch attitude with full flaps and maintaining 60 was alarmingly low… so my landings weren’t as good as they normally are. On the 4th landing, just when I was getting the hang of it and had the airspeed perfect, I flared a bit too early. My only excuse was that I was raised on a taildragger, and I’ll forever have taildragger landing skills in my blood. Heh heh. All in all, it was a nice plane to fly. Very responsive and good for someone starting on a clean slate… though a bit tough for someone who’s flown taildraggers and Stearmans in the past…

Doug and I also struck up a small conversation about the letter to Spitzer, and I told him that all of the flying magazines are missing a student pilot column. Heh heh. Doug agreed, and Mom told him not to encourage me because of my “excessive use of abnormally large words.” How indecorous! 😀

When we came home there was a message from the attendance lady at school (she was there when Mom went to school) and we trying to come up with creative excuses as to why I wasn’t there. I said “Just tell her I was high… hah hah.” Eventually we settled on “She’s home” and ended it at that.

Okay, I have to get back to reading. I have oodles of homework to do, but I can’t put that book down! I’m glad you like the scarf… that wool sweater that I was wearing today was the very first thing I ever knitted. Sure did come in handy today… heh heh.


That pretty much sums up the whole day.  I love the title of this… as it’s what my flight instructor said when I commented on how the Allegro climbs “like a homesick angel.”  His response?

“Airplane is as pilot is.” 


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