Perhaps criminal is a bit strong, but…..

Hmm… I decided to revamp the look of the blog a bit. I think it looks pretty cool now. I was looking for a customizable header, and I guess I found one. Heh heh. That’s a picture of the big blue sky that I took a few years ago… doesn’t look too bad on here!

In other news, still no response from Spitzer. I liked what Tom wrote about the letter…

A great letter! Next thing you know you’ll be invited to the state house and put on the General Aviation Committee! Way to go, kid!

Mind you, that’s the Senior Editor of Flying Magazine talking. Woot! And Doug said….

I think that he is an ally for GA, and your letter will certainly hit a responsive chord in your new Governor. You da Lady for writing it!!!

Yay! Heh heh. I feel like I’ve done something extremely awesome… sweet.

Ahh… speaking of flight instructors… I feel a wee bit like a criminal. Why’s that? Well, Thursday is going to be a beautiful day. One in a week… the rest is supposed to be crap. The Allegro is sitting down at the airport, just waiting to be flown. I’ve only missed 4 days of school out of the last 4 years… so I’m taking the day off. That’s right – this Thursday, I’m skipping school and going flying.

The lesson is at 10 in zeh am, and I fully intend on flying over the school at least once. Maybe twice. Yeah. But definitely at least once. I can’t wait. Woot. Plus I’m taking my camera along… so I’ll put some purrrdy pikshurs on here. That’s if I get a chance to stop and take a few. The doors of the Allegro are pretty much all Plexiglas, so it’ll take good shots. Yes!

Anyway, I should probably get to sleep. Tomorrow’s going to be an interesting day, because I won’t be able to get a drop of sleep tonight, nor pay any attention in class tomorrow. Plus I never mentioned the fact that I have about four tests to take that I never bothered to study for. Hence, tomorrow should be exciting. Then I won’t be able to sleep tomorrow night… and Thursday is flying day! Yay!

I have to remember to white out that stuff in my logbook….. and dust off my headset… and be awesome.


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