Would someone PLEASE remind Mother Nature that it is, in fact, January?

Okay… so the days after Christmas haven’t been very eventful… so I haven’t left out much. We went up to Massachusetts last weekend to visit my ailing family and we stayed up there for about three days. But that’s not quite the reason why I’m writing in here.

As I put in the subject… I’m a bit astounded as to how the weatherThe sign outside of the store in front of my house. has been acting the last few days. Allow me to present my case. Alas, the evidence.

  1. I live in Upstate New York. It’s supposed to be cold here during the winter.
  2. It is January.
  3. January means winter.
  4. Because this is January, it is winter.

So then why the Hell is it 65º outside?!!

Exactly. I rest my case.

As the picture up there states, where is the snow? We’re known for our massive quantities of snow. But… where is it? Some say global warming, others say El Niño… I say Mother Nature is asleep at the wheel. But if you must say I’m crazy, then I side with the global warming theory. Perhaps a nice 70º day in January is enough to start scaring people into believing that it’s real. If that’s so, it’s about time.

Speaking of drastic climate change, I recently downloaded a program that processes scientific data into charts and models, then sends it back so scientists can study it. I’m working on the Climateprediction.net and the SETI@home project. The SETI is almost done, but the climate one is supposed to take almost 3000 (yes, three thousand) hours to complete. Hey, at least I’m helping to save the world. Heh heh.

Read the Bill.....Also, I had an epiphany while I was reading and thinking about Gerald Ford a few days ago. Because there is a ton of fresh blood in the New York State government, they’re more willing to listen to people’s ideas and thoughts, to show that they really give a damn. When I realized this, I quickly pulled up a response to Tom and wrote to him —

I had an epiphany five minutes ago while I was thinking about Gerald Ford (funny… he’s a bit before my time…) and I realized that fresh blood in the State ranks means that they’re more willing to listen to opinions from people. Then I thought about Eliot Spitzer… and now I’m in the process of sending him a letter resurfacing the subject of the background check bill. I just hope he’ll listen… heh heh. I intend to explain that if the legislature really feels the need for such a nonsensical thing, then the least they can do is fix it so it doesn’t sound like a bunch of yahoos who don’t know what they’re talking about and are hell-bent on rampaging around with stupid little laws in the name of “National Security” wrote it over happy hour at Applebees.

Yes. That was my email to Tom. I had quite the laugh after I read the last line (no, I rarely think about what I’m going to type… I just type) and couldn’t believe I came up with something like that in five seconds. I always said to Tom… that I’d rather fight the bill tooth and nail, have them keep it, and say I tried… rather than sit back and not do a damn thing about it.

I still haven’t written the letter to Spitzer, mainly because I’m trying to find the perfect time where I can sit in front of this God-forsaken computer with a warm cup of tea and really think out what I’m going to write, because you never get a second chance to make a first impression. If I sound like a little idiot, he’ll trash the email and not even give it a thought. If I sound like a snob, he’ll do the same.

But if I clearly state that I’m a 15-year old student pilot who fears for the future of General Aviation and the way this nation is carrying on to do everything in its power to keep us on the ground, then maybe, just maybe he’ll listen. We’ll just have to see, that’s all.

On that note, I do believe I’m going to find something else to do… perhaps start that letter. Who knows…


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