Ho ho ho… whoa!

I suppose I should keep up with my promise and list out the bringings of Christmas…

  • A new watch (thank God… my other one was, well… yeah)
  • Awesome model airplanes (die-cast… or something like that)
  • One of those really cool, oversized moonchair things
  • New boots!
  • A $50 giftcard to F.Y.E.
  • A Vassar sweatshirt from my cousin
  • An awesome vintage looking shirt…
  • A nice blue sweater

And I think that’s about it… I’ll post some pictures of Christmas dinner at Grannie’s… it was interesting.

This is the Christmas tree. Woot.

Don’t mind the beer. I mean, wonderful roses!

The huge, 18lb turkey. Yum!

The wonderful centerpiece for the table…

A picture of the tree during dinner… because it took a stage dive on the recliner. That’s my little cousin Samantha in the way…

A rose… because I felt like taking a picture of it.

Now, you’re probably wondering… why on Earth are these so wonderful? Hmm… maybe because all of them were taken with my new Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-T50! That’s right. You heard me. What’s that? I suck? Muah hah hah. Check this out –

Boo yah.  On that note, I’m going to sleep.  Tomorrow’s a long day for picture taking, and I have to be plenty prepared for it!

Nighty night and Merry Christmas!!!!


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