My crazy grandmother… and, oh… it’s Christmas Eve!!!

Hard to believe it’s already the eve of… wait, it’s Christmas Eve! Whoo hoo!

*Ahem* Yes.

Anyway, I’ve yet another Christmas Eve story to share with you, whoever you may be.

So I get up reasonably early this morning, thinking that I had to go to church. Nope, not today… no mass. Woot. Before I even think about going back to sleep, my grandmother attacks me with a knife and says that I have to peel apples for the pies or else. Great.

So I dig out the handy dandy apple slicer/peeler/corer thing and slice/peel/core away. She finds out that she doesn’t have any sugar and makes a store run… around 11 o’clock.

So in the mean time, I get dressed and start cleaning up the living room and all that. I didn’t notice that she’s been gone for about an hour and a half, when she comes barreling down the driveway. She walks in the door, drops everything, and says “I was hit.”

Now, my grandmother is a wonderful 84 years young. Of course, old people bleed really easily. As I scanned her up and down for signs of red, she yells “No, you nitwit, in the car! Some guy smashed into me!”

*Shock* Right! The car! I knew that…

So I ran outside. I thought “Well, the driver’s side looks fine… the back end looks fine… the front end looks fine…” Then I came to the passenger side. After an exclamation of “Holy Shit!” I proceeded to gather the rest of the bags, close the trunk, and go back inside. My grandmother explained to me how some guy thought she was entering the fairgrounds, and that’s why he drove. Turns out she was making the second right, but the other guy was too stupid to think of that one. I wish I could’ve had a camera, because that was just horrific. At least she wasn’t hurt. But that car sure was.

Needless to say, we got the rest of the pies done, and they came out great. Right now I’m home and I’m hoping to go to sleep. I don’t know if we’re planning on attending the midnight mass, but if we are, I need sleep beforehand. Heh heh. We’ll have to see.

Merry Christmas, and I’ll be sure to review the awesome (few) things I got this year. I say “few” because of the whole house situation… heh heh. We don’t even have a tree up because we didn’t know where we’d be for Christmas, but we’re here… and that’s fine with me.

Nighty night!


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