Some cool stuff actually happened today! (For a change…)

Okay… so I woke up late this morning because Mom slept late and I fell back to sleep… I get to school, 1st period rolls around, and my orchestra teacher goes all evil on me because she pointed out the fact (in front of the whole orchestra) that I have an 85 average because I’ve only been to one lesson. I felt no remorse in letting out a loud “Bull crap!” and we straightened it out, with me yelling about how I’ve had two lessons already and I’ve only missed one. I’m supposed to have a lesson tomorrow, but I’m getting there… be patient.

Nothing happened in 2nd period… I fell asleep. I’m serious… I can’t stand Spanish anymore. I hate it. That class is the lamest of lame. Grr.

3rd was the same as far as nothing happening goes… as was 4th… and 5th… and 6th…

But 7th… now that’s where it’s at. Heh heh.

So I’m in gym… playing volleyball as always with a bunch of stupid little freshmen. I kept hitting the ball at awkward angles, but I didn’t notice anything weird. I managed to hit the ball so hard that it went flying to the side of the gym and my knuckle felt weird. Not five minutes go by when I look down at my hand and the whole damn thing is black. Not black and blue, black.

Seeing this as the perfect opportunity to turn tail and get the heck outta Dodge, I left for the nurses office. She gave me an ice pack and said that things should be better by tonight, and definitely by tomorrow. Little did she know.

For the better part of 8th period, I kept the ice pack on whilst trying to eat lunch. I ended up just saving it until I got home because I couldn’t move my pointer finger to grasp the damn sandwich. I was a bit proud of my volleyball injury, I must say… Heh heh. It even looked a bit better than before, only my hand was starting to turn white.

I went to return the ice pack at the beginning of computer programming, and got an earful from my teacher because he said that I should do something with it because “color changing and swelling are red flags!!!” Stfu… I’m fine. Of course, I’m doing my best not to move my finger, and it was doing fine. Then it started going black again.

So the end of school rolls around and I show one of my friends, where she proceeds to grasp my hand and ask if I’m okay. After saying every curse word under the sun, I tell her I’m “just peachy”. Then my other friend sees it and she starts wigging out. She went running to all of the teachers and asked them what I should do because my hand was all swollen. Eventually, we ended up in one of the science teachers’ room. Stacey asked him to look at it, so he takes my hand and lightly touches the base of my knuckle. I twitched, and he jumps up, grabs my arm, and basically carries me down to the nurses exclaiming that I probably have a broken finger and that I need to go to the emergency room. We get down to the nurse and he starts issuing all these spiels about how my hand is white and blah blah blah. I finally get a hold of Mom, tell her that everyone thinks I broke my finger… blah blah blah.

Long story made extremely short, I ended up walking up to the library/Middle School with Stacey. Mom made an appointment for me to get an x-ray done, so we went over and… got it done. The doctor originally thought it was broken, but she ruled that out and said that there was definitely some severe blood vessel damage going on. The x-rays didn’t show anything negative, but that’s only because she glanced over them. We’ll know tomorrow for sure, though.

So anyway, that was my day. Pretty exciting. I think I’m going to go to sleep… that’s enough excitement for now. I don’t need anything else to happen today. Heh heh.

Oh, as for the orchestra thing tomorrow… I don’t know if I’ll be able to play. Hmm… we’ll have to see.

‘Nighty night.


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