Hmm… maybe I should start learning German again…

So, like I’ve been doing for the last two years, I’ve been breezing around college websites.  My latest spree has led me to Boston University’s Study Abroad program for engineering… it sounds a bit interesting.

Though… I’m edging towards Cornell, if possible.  I want to remain in-state, for some lame reason.  I guess there’s something called the “Tap grant” or whatever… where you receive $5,000 for going to college in New York if you’re a resident.  Which I just happen to be.

But I’m definitely planning on staying in the Northeast.  By the time next March rolls around, I’ll have my pilot’s license (when I’m a junior) and I fully intend on utilizing that license in college for flying back home.  And if anyone’s got a problem with that, they can stick it in their windpipe and smoke it.

Back to the whole Germany thing… I like the fact that it can either be for a semester or a whole year.

Actually, the more I think about it, the more of a pain it sounds.  I still want to learn German and all, but… agh.  I don’t know.  Hell, I’ve still got two years to figure it out.

But yeah.  Maybe I should lay off the college idea for now and get some rest.  Rest is always a beautiful thing.  Plus I’m a bit tired from chasing the Litvinenko story.  And I don’t really want to get started on that, because all of it makes sense and everyone is too damn blind to see that.  Putin poisoned the journalist because she was a threat due to her access to publications and the ability to speak out against him.  Then he poisoned Litvinenko because he was investigating the case, and Litvinenko himself was a strong critic of Putin.  Plus he wrote a book about how terrible the Kremlin is in the first place.  Now it’s going to be a Polonium-210 pandemic because people are going to not only investigate Litvinenko’s death, but speak out against Putin, too, because Litvinenko’s last words were devoted to getting the point across that Putin was responsible for his death.  If that’s not enough to make people rebel by seeing this man suffer to the death, than I don’t know what is.  Only Putin has the ties to get such a chemical as Polonium-210, and only he would have the gall to order the poisoning of one of the Kremlin’s toughest critics just to save his reputation and shut someone’s mouth.  But that’s the trouble – you shut one mouth, and five more call out in protest.  It’ll be interesting to see Putin’s face when all fingers point to him as the person responsible for Litvinenko’s death.

So with that out of my system, I’m going to go to sleep.  Hopefully there won’t be any Kremlins under my bed with Polonium-210 sushi tonight.


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