It’s the first of December, and 60 freaking degrees outside.

Did I mention the fact that I live in Upstate New York? Yeah. You’ve got to love global warming.

Plus we’re getting pummeled with 70 mph winds due to the High pressure system coming from the south and the low cold front from the north…

And the power just went out for two hours while I was typing that.  Thank goodness for drafts.  Heh heh.

Who would think that you could have a thunderstorm in December, plus a tornado watch for the county south of you?  Quite striking, if you ask me.  But the lightning was fantastic.  Too bad I didn’t get any on video… I was having too much fun ooh-ing and ahh-ing at it.

During the surprising outage, I got my Air-Scan tuned up to Christmas carols (in the middle of a thunderstorm… hah hah), mum made popcorn on the gas stove, and I listened to my transceiver for the weather.  Plus I managed to kill half a jar of applesauce.  And a doughnut.  Yummy.

But yeah… all the fun is over.  The power is back, and life returned to normal.  Damnit.  And my favorite Christmas carol just came on the radio.  Rockin’ around the Christmas tree.  I have no life.  Woot!

So anyway, I’m a bit tired from all the excitement.  Nothing out of the ordinary besides the storm happened today, and all the warnings are cancelled for the area, so I might as well just go to sleep because there really isn’t anything worth staying up for.  Plus I have to get up early in the morning because we have to go down and buy a monitor heater.  Woot.

‘Nighty night.


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