A rather relaxing Saturday…

Well, it turns out we didn’t get the chance to run over to Somerset, but that’s okay.  I’ll just drop them an email saying that stuff came up and I couldn’t come over.  I’ll find another way down…. definitely.

Besides that, nothing else really happened.  My grandmother, aunt, cousin and I went out to brunch.  My grandmother went Nazi on the waitress because she “kept coming back and disturbing us”.  Yeah… that’s only her job.  Then she goes all Nazi at the fact that we were going to leave a $5 tip (cheap, I know) and she wigged, taking back a dollar.  I threw mine in and made it 5 again.  That didn’t fly too well, but too damn bad.

After that we went to the shoe store.  Needless to say, it was for my Grandmother, who could find a damn thing and drove the salespeople crazy because she didn’t like anything.  But my aunt and I had a foot scan thing done, which measures the different points of pressure on your feet.  We both found out that we have low arches and we need some sort of support, but we weren’t about to pay $70 for the thing that they recommended.  Nice try.

Anyway, I think I’m either going to keep surfing zeh web or go in and watch television.  My cousin probably needs the compy, so I’ll buzz off.  Later.


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