The day after…. … .. .

Well, here I am.  Catching five seconds away from deh family.  Heh heh.

Actually, today went really, really well.  As far as the day after Thanksgiving goes.

Seriously, though.  I ended up going to the airport.  Which is always nice.  My uncle, cousin, and I went over to Blairstown and did some soaring.  Greg (cousin) went up for his first flight/lesson… and I went up with my uncle.  I’ll replay the scenario…

So we’re pre-flighting the 2-33…. everything’s going really smooth.  We watched Greg take off and we’re pushing the 2-33 out to the runway.  As soon as I got strapped in the back seat (I’ve never flown from the back before) my uncle jumped in and we were set to go.  However, my door popped open a bit, but I managed to shut it.  That’s where the fun began.

As we were doing the take off roll (my uncle was doing everything… I told him it was my turn to sit back and play instructor for once), I remembered back to when one of the people at our glider club had the canopy open in mid-flight, lost his hat, and got slapped by the instructor because he said “No matter what happens, fly the airplane”.  I have no clue why, but I asked myself what I’d do in a situation like that and whispered “Fly the airplane”…

The second we were about 400 feet off the ground, there was a bit of a bump and the side door smashed open.  I didn’t get startled at all, but my uncle looked back.  Now remember, you’re never supposed to take your eyes off the tow plane infront of you.  So of course, I yelled “Fly the damn airplane!”  I then proceeded to stick half my body out the side of a glider going 70 miles per hour, pulled the window up, just to have it smash down again.  The second time around my head got jerked back a bit, but I was fine.  I found out that the latch for the window was hidden beneath the weather stripping (really, really effective…).  So yeah, that was our excitement.

The rest of the flight went beautifully and Greg had a good time.  He was stunned at the fact that he was allowed to take the stick, which was pretty cool.

I was surprised on the car ride back home, though, to find that I had the honor of being my uncles first passenger.  Whoa, way to let me in on that.  PLUS, he hadn’t flown the 2-33 in 10 months.  But he knew that if he had told me that before we went flying, I never would’ve let my hands off the controls.  Heh heh.  But yeah… exciting stuff.

So anyway, my uncle and I have big plans for tomorrow.  I got in touch with the people over at Somerset and I told them that I’m in the area for Thanksgiving, and they invited me over to meet them.  Should be pretty awesome.  Heh heh.  Tomorrows weather is going to be great, so we might be able to get a power lesson in.  I sure hope so.  The glider flight lasted only about 25 minutes, which isn’t much.

Actually, that reminds me of something that I noticed over at the airport when we were waiting for things to start up.  It was awfully disturbing to me to see that there was an extreme lack of communication when it came to which runway people should be landing on.  Granted, Blairstown has an asphalt runway and a grass strip for gliders, but that’s no excuse for landing in opposite directions.  Sure, as a power pilot I was a bit out of my place at a glider club, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t spot something when something isn’t right.  But yeah.  It just kind of irked me that it was allowed and people wouldn’t do anything about it.  Poor pilot decision-making.  Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Anyway, I think I’m going to go in and watch the big screen for awhile.  Maybe steal the massage chair if my aunt isn’t using it.  And if she is, well… get up.  Lmao.

So, good night, sleep tight, and all that other crap.  Heh heh.


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