Happy Thanksgiving. Period. Heh heh.

Well, the fun began at 8 this morning…. when I awoke to the smashing of a turkey and I couldn’t get back to sleep.  I climbed out of the air mattress at quarter after nine and took a shower…. got dressed… came downstairs… and that’s when the real fun began.

I was instantly put to work.  One really negative aspect of my personality is that I’m constantly asking anyone if they need a hand with anything… regardless of whether or not it’s dragging a dead body or peeling potatoes.

Okay, maybe not the dead body part… but you get the idea.

Anyway, I volunteered to peel a few potatoes.  47 potatoes later, the next thing was chopping turnips.  5 turnips later, I got the wonderful chance to scrub sweet potatoes.  What’s next?  Setting up the appetizer table for the smoked salmon, crackers, and cheese.  After that?  Laying out the main dishes for the table and some pickles and such.  Finally, I’m in the process of working on the tossed salad.  This is the very first year I’ve even been allowed to go near the salad…. let alone make the damn thing.  10 of them and one of me… how swell.  But I don’t mind, really.  I mean, I’ve found that I have quite the knack for cooking.

But don’t tell Mom that.  Please.

So…. I’m stuffed full of smoked salmon, wide awake even after watching “Click” until 11 at night (and while I was typing on here, the quarter glass of wine in back of me got stolen).  Oh, right…. it’s only 3:30.

It feels like 3 in the morning.

But yeah, half of the family isn’t even here yet.  That Nor’Eastern storm is doing a wonderful job at slicking the roads, so everyone has to travel 40 miles an hour from 160 miles away.  Ain’t that lovely?

Alright, back to making the salad before someone else tries.  Grr.

Happy Thanksgiving to anyone who reads this.

Rofl… 3:33 pm.  Hah hah.


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