Sunday’s rest.

Well… there really isn’t much to write about for today seeing as I spent the better part of the day sleeping. I woke up around 7:30… stayed up for awhile… fell back to sleep at 11, and woke up about an hour ago. I don’t feel any better, and I can’t hear for the life of me. My head feels like it’s going to explode, and I’m really happy that I don’t have any homework to do.

I just finished emailing my uncle down in New Jersey regarding my going down there for Thanksgiving and whether or not he plans on trekking to the airport. I mentioned the fact that the Somerset people want me to stop over, and whether or not I should bring my glider stuff, power stuff, or both. The only bad thing is that if I have to bring the power stuff, I’m probably going to have to bring my headset. Which I don’t mind, of course. After all, it’s just awesome like that. Heh heh. Plus, seeing as I have a headset to call my very own, I pretty much look down upon any others (including Bose and David Clark). Granted both brands are way better than my Avix, I really don’t care. Heh heh. Because it was given to me last Christmas as a surprise from a fellow pilot, it means a lot more than some other high-end brand. Plus it’s tried and tested and I love it. Go Avix!

I was just on the Somerset Aiport website and clicked under “News”… to find that the guy who emailed me awhile ago about the petition wrote a letter to the airport raving about how some guy is flying in from Florida (paid for by taxpayers) to help settle the despute about the NorthSTAR medevac being based at Somerset. What did I find at the bottom of the letter? A little notice about my petition —–

“Hundreds of members of our community have signed a petition ( to help Somerset Airport. Many are members of the various emergency medical services that save lives. They support the Somerset Airport and know how valuable having the medevac based at Somerset Airport is. Take notice, Bridgewater.”

I guess my job as an “agitator” is paying off… or so that’s what Tom says. Heh heh. That should be my new slogan – “Agitating the world, one subject at a time!” Or something like that. *Shrug*

So anyway… I’m thinking about what I should do after I post this… surf the web or go back to sleep. I just took my temperature, and half my tongue reads 99.1 while the other half reads 98.7. Stupid thermometers.

Yeah… later.

P.S. – 422 signatures! Woo-hoo!


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