Fooled you!

Hah.  And I bet you thought I was going back to sleep.   Psht… good luck with that one. Heh heh.

Actually, I’m bored out of my wits.  As my AIM away message says, “Doing absolutely nothing… bored out of my wits and on the verge of drowning a plant or something.”  Yeah, pretty self-explanatory.

I’ve been trying to fine tune WordPress with all of its plugins and such, but with no luck.  That’s okay, I can make my blog awesome with out those silly things!   Just watch me!

Alright, maybe not.  But whatever.  Hey, A for effort, right?  Yeah… I didn’t think so either…

Anyway, I just finished doing my nails.  I didn’t feel like inhaling nail polish remover, so I did the next best thing and just painted over what was already there.  Granted it’s a lighter shade of red, but it gives my nails a sort of… red camo color tone thing.  Which… is okay.  Until I find the time to do them correctly.  Which may not be before Thanksgiving.  But whatever.

My uncle emailed awhile ago saying that he’s hoping to get some soaring done… meaning that I’m going to have to take matters into my own hands.  By that, I mean getting out my flight wallet again, bringing down my powered stuff, and finding my own instructor down there while my uncle wallows around the sky.  The only trouble is that I don’t know whether or not I should email the Somerset people.  I should probably let them know that I’ll be in the area and that I might be able to stop by.  Whatever.

So… what else?  If I can’t think of something fast, this is going to turn into a thought blog.  And that’s never a good thing.  Heh heh.

It amazes me how Franz Ferdinand can be so awesome.  No, not the old dead Austrian guy… the band.  I’ve been listening to Franz Ferdinand for a few years now, and they never seem to get old.  They rock, and I love them.  Anyone who has properly functioning hearing should go listen to one of their songs.  Because I said so.

Anyway, I should probably try to go to sleep.  I need sleep.  Wait, what am I saying?  I slept for 6 hours today.  Oh well.  More sleep.  Sleep sleep sleep.


By the by, I think I’m turning into a tag-nazi.  Heh heh.


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