So… my first post…

Yeah. This just happens to be the very, very first post I’ve ever written in WordPress. I’m so excited!

Well, as excited as can be at 11:40 at night with a sore throat…

And yes, I’m being completely sarcastic. Welcome to an in-depth glimpse at my ravishing personality! Heh heh.

All sarcasm aside, I suppose I should take the opportunity to say hello and write a little bit about myself for the three people that will ever read this.

On second thought, that can wait for another day.

So what happened today? Well, I woke up this morning feeling like crap. I mean, extreme sore/dry throat with shivers and slight fever. So what did I do? I went to school anyway. Yes, I’m that much of an idiot. Sure, I’ve only missed 4 days of school within the last 4 years (all were last year). I have no life, I know it. Needless to say, I went through pretty much the whole day feeling like a cadaver. I almost collapsed in the hall a few times, and I fell asleep in Spanish and Biology. Plus we had to do a presentation in Bio on “The Ocean Biome”. With my horribly raspy voice, I sounded like something out of a “This is what happens if you smoke” commercial. It was pathetic. I started feeling better in gym and lunch, though. Just in time for my last class, Computer Programming. Niice.

I still feel like crap, but that’s okay. At least I’m home. And it’s late at night, and I’m listening to my lovely music. If I wasn’t feeling so terrible, I would’ve made the trek down to Hudson for “Casino Royale” seeing as it’s the opening day for it and I’m an insane James Bond fan. I mean, I bought the digital version of the soundtrack from iTunes (with the 13 bonus tracks) a day after the soundtrack was released and two days before the movie even came out in the U.S. But Bond will have to wait another day… Daniel Craig would understand.

So as soon as I post this and scream about how crappy it looks, I’m going to shut my computer off and go to sleep. Much, much, much needed sleep. Tomorrow’s another day.



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